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10 Posters for the Freakin Weekend!

Well well well, we made it to Friday, and it's a holiday weekend, so how could we not pay homage to those glorious days off with a collection of prints that suit the mood!? All of our prints are eligible for prime shipping on Amazon, or in our shop. So let's get on with the list!


1. Adventure Awaits - It's the weekend - get out there and have an adventure!

Paper Coat - All Good Things are Wild and Free 

2. All Good Things are Wild and Free - There's no time better than the weekend to get wild and free, and apparently, that's what all good things are. So we are encouraging everyone to be EXTRA GOOD this weekend! :)


3. Explore Map Print - There's a whole world out there, and you have a couple days without work to get in the way - where will you explore?


4. The Snuggle is Real - Take a few moments and get close to someone or something you love this weekend. We all deserve a little snuggle time. Don't ever forget that.


5. Get Naked - This one does come with a few restrictions - nudity is only allowed when alone or in the presence of someone who has consented to seeing you in your birthday suit. Obviously nudity with others is always preferred, but no means no and there's nothing wrong with being naked alone. The more you know.


6. Nope Not Today - Let's keep this short and sweet. We don't get much time to ourselves and ain't nothin gettin in the way of that today. Not you, not no one, not nothin.


7. Everything Hurts and I'm Dying - If anyone tries to get smart with you after you drop the Nope Not Today on them, follow it up with this. If that doesn't buy you at least a few minutes of peace, consider the fact that those getting in the way of your quiet time might just be demons....or at least possessed. 


8. Let's Get Lost - You aren't imagining things, the next logical step after feigning a terminal illness and still not getting peace is to just isolate yourself from the noise. Find the nearest woods and tell yourself there's a house made out of candy out there and you're going to find it. Tell the tormenters nothing.


9. Do What You Love - Ok, things took a dark turn there for a minute - but instead of forcing yourself to get lost in the woods to avoid your troubles, we might actually suggest doing something you love instead. Hobbies are very therapeutic...abandoning your life to live in the woods and search for a candy house is kinda sad.


10. Bakers Gonna Bake - Hey, maybe you love baking, and then you can make your own candy house this weekend. Or maybe just a nice pan of brownies. Everyone loves brownies.



Jobs Fill Your Pocket, but Adventures Fill Your Soul - Whatever your adventure is, we sincerely hope you find it. Jobs are important, and serve many great purposes, but you'll make even greater memories when you're out in the world and not behind a desk, so get out there as soon and as often as you can!

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